Build Errors in Setting File

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Sep 11, 2008 at 12:46 PM
Hi All,

I try to compile my .Net 2 solution to .Net 1.1 using Ms Bee. My solution contains 3 projects.

I added the necessary import tags to the projectfiles. If I compile the solution I get a whole bunch of errors related to my properties/setting files like:

Properties\Settings.Designer.cs(15,13): error CS1001: Identifier
Properties\Settings.Designer.cs(16,21): error CS1518: Expected cl
Properties\Settings.Designer.cs(16,52): error CS1514: { expected
Properties\Settings.Designer.cs(16,99): error CS1519: Invalid tok
Properties\Settings.Designer.cs(18,69): error CS1026: ) expected
Properties\Settings.Designer.cs(18,128): error CS1519: Invalid to
Properties\Settings.Designer.cs(18,143): error CS1002: ; expected

and some warnings:
Properties\Settings.Designer.cs(14,13): warning CS0658: 'global' is not a recognized attribute location. All attributes
e ignored.

So i guess the problem is that the global attribute may not be available in .Net 1.1

to be honest i dont have a clue what this attribute is all about.
Does anyone know an "easy going " solution to this issue?

thank in advance